My shoot with Winter

Winter came into my studio for a headshot session this past week. He is a computer guy, finishing up his final year of study at the University of Washington. After undergrad, he will leave our rainy Seattle and head to a sunnier home near San Diego to attend grad school. I’m really rooting for this kid. He is one of my favorite clients to date.

Winter came to the U.S. from Beijing, where his parents work as travel agents. They’ve invested a lot into his education; International students pay a jaw-dropping $47,000 + per year (compared to $14,000+ for residents) in tuition at U.W. That is an insane amount to pay for school. It pretty much broke my heart to hear what his parents had to sacrifice so that he could attend school here. It reminded me of the sacrifices my own parents made so that my siblings and I could have a better life here in Washington state.

Since Winter only needed one headshot, I offered him a special discount, but when his parents saw their great kid’s pictures in his online gallery, they couldn’t bear to see some of them go, and so they wanted to pay full price for 5. I offered to throw the photos in for free, but kind and generous soul that Winter is, he insisted on paying full price. We came to an agreement on a discount, and I think that is the first time I’ve actually had to haggle someone down!

I really hope Winter lands his dream job at Amazon. He deserves all the success in the world. Wherever he lands, I know his parents will be proud, and rightfully so.

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