Studio Session: Diego

I had a great time working with this little guy. Actually, he’s not that little. At 5’7″, he is almost as tall as me, and the kid is just 10!

Diego and his mom came in for a model test to build up his portfolio to take to talent agencies. She had mentioned beforehand that Diego absolutely loved being in front of the camera, and sure enough, he seemed over the moon happy. From my experience, kids have about a ten minute window of shooting before they start to get bored, which means they get very silly. This is a good thing; silly kids are happy kids, and you can get really funny shots, but you’ve got to get a few straight ones first. With Diego I didn’t have to worry about getting him to sit still, because the kid just has it. He knows when to goof off and also when to get serious, takes direction like a pro, and throughout the shoot I kept saying to myself, “wow, is he really this young??” I’ve had experienced models who were tougher to direct than this guy!

Back to the subject of silliness, here is Diego’s first shot out of the gate. I knew after this one that he was going to give me some winners. He’s got loads of personality, and in this shot it’s bursting.


studio modeling test portrait of a young boy against a grey background


But when I asked him to get serious, he delivered a mighty fine set of headshots…

Studio Modeling Headshot of a young boy against a grey backdrop

A serious look, with great expression!


Studio modeling headshot portrait of a young boy against a grey background


Some people are just meant to be in front of the camera. Diego is certainly one of them, and it shows in every single picture. I’m not kidding; after going through his reel, I was amazed to see that he genuinely looks to be having a good time in every single shot. He never complained or got tired. Whenever I gave him direction he was on point, and loving every minute of it. It makes me feel like a million helping someone this happy.

I’m eager to see where this kid goes with his modeling career. He has a meeting coming up with a talent agent. Fingers crossed!!!


Studio modeling portrait of a young boy wearing a gray coat against a gray backdrop



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