My New Direction: Fashion-inspired portraiture

Fashion Portrait with Seattle Dancer Desiree


When I started out in photography, headshots were my specialty. I loved the glamorous aspect of shooting actors and models. Soon I began doing model tests, with more glamorous visions of being published in Vogue Italia. Portraiture wasn’t yet on the radar. It was almost a dirty word for me, as I never understood the value of a portrait, and thought they had to be done without a hint of glamour and style. Now as 2016 begins, I find myself ready to delve into fashion-inspired portraiture as a new brand focus.


Portraiture is the preservation of a moment in time. You can never go back in time to this moment, and so portraits (and video) are a great way to document your legacy, and the legacy of your family, your people. I read an excellent book by Toni Morrison (Song of Solomon) that delves into the importance of your legacy. I have only a single, faded photograph of my grand parents on my father’s side, and so their faces live mostly in misty memories. They are strangers to me, actors in stories told by my parents. Had they been able to take more photographs, I might know them better.


Anyone can take a snap shot and preserve a moment, and candid shots are beautiful treasures in their own right. Portraiture, however, comes with unique style. Any good photographer can introduce their aesthetic styling to a photograph, with posing direction, light, composition, props, and choice of backdrop. My own visual style will come out in every portrait I take. My goal for the coming year is to create a visual world, one of classic beauty and moody elegance, and populate it with people of any age and shape. We all deserve to own beautiful memories.

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