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I am a photographer with a background in graphic design and illustration. Once upon a time I used to dabble in comics, and you can find some of my cartooning on the blog (drawing keeps me sane!. I’m also an avid writer of short stories.

I grew up in a small farming town in Central Washington. My parents are second generation Mexican American, but my siblings and I grew up anything but traditional.

I drew a lot as a kid, and had always thought I’d end up drawing comics, but I fell out of love with the business and decided to return to school for graphic design. While at school, I realized I had the most fun with a camera in my hands, and so I set out to embark on this photography journey. I assisted a professor on a fashion photo shoot in Rome, and I’ve been hooked ever since!



For me, picture day at school was the absolute worst. I dreaded it every single year. My mom never liked my photos, which was no surprise, as I almost never smiled. This meant I had to take re-takes, which were often worse than the first batch. A lot of kids grow up fearing clowns. I feared photographers.

I still remember, quite vividly, the terror of my senior portrait photo shoot (mom had shelled out big bucks, which made everything even more nerve-wracking). I was sitting on a wooden bench, ankle deep in fall leaves, with my nylon string guitar resting on my lap. I had no idea what to do and I don’t remember getting any pointers from the guy behind the lens. So I sat there like a goof, pretending to play a song, too afraid to make eye contact with the camera. The whole experience sucked. After an hour or so of shooting against trees and brick walls, we finished, and I remember looking over the pictures the following week on a projector in the studio, and recognizing in almost every single photo that look of misery, like I was in the process of getting my teeth pulled. After all those years, I still couldn’t get it right.

It’s a bit ironic that all those awful experiences inspired me to become a photographer. I understand what it’s like to sit there in front of a camera like a deer caught in headlights, and so I do my best to make people feel comfortable, to alleviate all that anxiety I used to feel in front of the camera. And I’m both proud and happy to report that every single person who has stepped foot in my studio has left 100% thrilled with their photos! Now if only I could go back in time and give my mom a nice, non-frowny portrait of her kid.



I’m a pro-feminist photographer, which means I tend to stay away from the “Male Gaze.” I have a blog post about it, if you care to read!

I’m a world traveler! I’ve been to Rome twice, Paris, Mexico, Costa Rica, and China. Hostels rock!

I speak a little Spanish, and a little less Italian (just enough to get around)

Music plays a big role in my life right now. I play blues, folk, and a little outlaw country with a small group of friends in Seattle

I grew up in one of the smallest, most economically depressed towns in the state. My graduating class in high school consisted of 26 people

I am writing a memoir. No idea if it will ever be published, but it’s very fun. Writing is my other love, and I still have “publishing a novel” on my bucket list.

Photographer Gabriel Solis in China wearing Tibetan ceremonial garb
Photographer Gabriel Solis shooting with a Russian Model in Paris

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